The aim of wonderful Copenhagen is to drive tourism development in a sustainable direction. Working together with hundreds of public and private partners, the organisation’s key focus areas are attracting new congresses, meetings, events, cruise visitors and airline routes; as well as promoting Copenhagen; and developing city tourism, cultural tourism, new markets and knowledge.

Founded in 1992, Wonderful Copenhagen is a foundation led by a Board of directors. It is funded by a mix of contributions from private businesses, organisations, and public institutions, including the Ministry of Industry, Business and Financial Affairs.


Is this the secret to a more sustainable Olympics?

Floating housing units, carbon neutral apartment blocks and a rewards-based reusable drinks cup system: those were just three of the ideas put forward during this year’s SportsPro Hackathon, which challenged university contestants to devise solutions that could make Olympic Games hosting more sustainable than ever. But which one was named overall champion?

Why you should attend a job/career fair

Job fairs (or career fairs) are an excellent opportunity for young graduates looking for a first job, but also for more experienced professionals who are looking for a career change. If you are in either of those positions, here you’ll see why you should consider attending a job fair.

How sport is threatened by the climate crisis

Since 1998, the top 20 hottest years on record have all occurred, with 2020 being the joint hottest year on record. The earth’s surface temperature is rising, and NASA says humanity must adapt or mitigate in order to cope. Sports is no exception to this. No industry is immune to the consequences of climate change, and more disruption is coming. 

Creativity In Action

Towards the end of last year SportsPro Editorial Director Michael Long and Commercial Direct Paul Guest led workshops on thought leadership with Masters students from AMOS Sport Business School. During the workshops, the class split into groups submitting six original pieces to our editorial team for one to be selected.

“Wonderful Copenhagen has engaged in the Hackathon to drive the sustainable agenda through development. We are excited by the possibility to connect leading students from all over the world with wicked sustainable problems defined by our partners in Copenhagen, and get the students creative solutions to these.”


Kim Mejnert Frydensbjerg, Head of Events, Wonderful Copenhagen