2024 winning pitches

Challenge 1 Winners

Emlyon Business School

Emlyon Canucks

The students at Emlyon proposed a plan to use kinetic energy, possibly utilising the company Pavegen, to power parts of the fan area. As an example, they would lay down movement mats throughout the fan area which would be able to create and power the screens and other aspects within the zone. There will also be gamification aspects and incorporation of Indigenous culture through art, dance and music.

Challenge 2 Winners

Hamad Bin Khalifa University


The students from HBKU proposed an add-in feature to LA’s Transit app that involves various quest maps, challenges, and a point system that allows you to unlock rewards. The students set themselves a goal to incentivize sustainable transport and sustainable, equitable, societies, during and after the LA 2028.

Challenge 3 Winners

Columbia University

Eat Breathe Milan

Eat Breathe Milan is an open-air market/gathering/ festival/city celebration at San Siro that offers a taste of Milan’s food and arts scene – a collection of the city’s artists and food vendors. The students at Columbia University proposed to implement non-sporting events such as local food vendors, art shows, wine tastings, and more, with the criteria that most venues have to be local and sustainable conscious. For those events, public transport will be free to and from the stadium.